Friday, October 26, 2007

1 Year Check Up

So in the midst of all the chaos, I had to take the kids to the Dr. on Monday, alone, for their 1 year check up and shots. Let me start by saying...that will NEVER happen again. Dr. Cadle & I were both sweating by the time the check ups were done (before the shots even started)! She said they will never gain weight because they are SO active. She was laughing but told me before she left the room that I was in her prayers. And yes, that is my kids on the floor of the exam room. When you have two and you are by yourself, this has to happen. They got good baths and I was assured that the floors are mopped with bleach so no negative comments about how I am a horrible mother. It keeped them semi-quite and me semi-calm!

Let me back up. So say you just finished reading all that happened over the weekend. Monday is going a little bit better other than the normal fussiness that accompanies sickness in our house. I go to get the kids up from a nap early since their appointment was right during their naptime, and Elliot is waving something at me. I take note that the object is white and know for a fact that her blanket and silky in her bed are both pink. I get closer and see that she is waving her diaper in the air. Surely she had just taken it off and played with the cool velcro sides right? NOPE. Surely she has only, maybe tt'd and I can just take off her ultimate crib sheet and be good right? NOPE. The child has #2'd and once again has showed us her artistic side by fingerpainting in her bed...WITH HER POOP!

(BTW...she has taken her clothes off 3xs this week! If she turns up to be a stripper I am totally blaming her father!)

Since we were running late, there was no time for full on bath. I attempt to give her a good 'ol HUF bath (quick wipe down with wipes) and we head for the Dr.

So you see, I technically was already sweating before I even made it to the Dr!

Here is the Year Old breakdown for each baby. Although we are full blown toddlers now!

Miss Elliot (which means "the naked one"):

  • WEIGHT: 16lbs 14 oz (we think this might be higher since she had gone a full day on Saturday without eating)...still below 5th percentile.

  • HEIGHT: 27 3/4 inches...10th percentile!!!

  • All healthy except for a stubborn cold.

  • 3.5 teeth

  • Great eater!

  • Able to move to whole milk with either heavy cream or a scoop of formula added.

  • Size 3 diapers

  • 9-12 months in clothes, unless its PJs, we can still do 6 month stuff.

  • Starting to walk

  • Can do several animal noises

  • Says...momma, dada, bubba, bye bye, hi, and we think Allea maybe. Loves to wave and blow EVERYONE kisses.

  • Loves her blanket, new baby doll Ellen, her momma, animals and playing outside.
  • KG
  • WEIGHT: 18lbs 4oz...still below 5th percentile too. They will never turn around in their car seats. Dr. Cadle is hoping by their 15month check up that they can.

  • HEIGHT: 28inches...also 10th percentile

  • All healthy other than a double ear infection...this child NEVER complains! We thought he just had a runny nose!

  • 2 teeth with the top 2 just about to come through.

  • Good eater but LOVES fruit and yogurt and is starting to figure out if he doesn't eat much he gets these instead!

  • Able to go on whole milk to...YEA...NO MORE ENFAMIL AR!!!

  • Same size diapers and clothes as sis.

  • Starting to walk.

  • Says momma, dada, byebye, hi, loves to yell, clap, wave & blow kisses.

  • Loves his blanket, his daddy and papa G, all cars & balls (such a boy!) and his momma when he is tired!

There is our update. More on walking and weaning off bottles to come. Happy Friday everyone! (I am getting to go out on a date with my!!!)


Anonymous said...

I knew someone who had to get a safety pin like the ones people used to use for cloth diapers and safety pin her daughter's onesie so she wouldn't undress during naptime. If Elliot continues stripping, you may want to consider this. Good luck!

Kim said...

Bless your heart! I have only gone to the doctor with both of mine twice and the sweat was rolling!!!Had to laugh out loud at the finger painting with poop! Thanks for posting their sizes, etc. It always makes me feel better when other babies are barely on the charts too for their age. Have a fun date with Ryan!

TDavis said...

"If she turns out to be a stripper I'm totally blaming her father"...I love it! LOL! Love the HUF bath comment as well. They are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Mel, Camilla did that, was probably one of the grossest things I'd experienced to that point with her. She thought it was hilarious too. We just can't put her down with a diaper cover, pants and/or tights. Getting all that off is generally not worth her time... Love you! Beth

Amy Mc. said...

These are the days that you will look back on and laugh at. I think that we will all blame Ryan if Miss E turns out to be a stripper. Take care. I hope that you had fun with Ryan.