Thursday, October 4, 2007

For All You Out Of Towners

Look what I am doing now...Love yall! EE


Here is what Bubba was doing during our little video (excuse his sucking air sounds in the background!)


adam said...

Thank you! I needed that! We miss you guys!

Photo Alli said...

That just melted my heart. Completely precious. When did they go getting all big like that!?!?!

Leslie said...

They have changed so much in the 3 months I've been reading your blog. I feel like they are my own niece and nephew. What sweeties!

Amy Mc. said...

I love the pictures. I can not believe that they are almost one. Have they taken any more steps yet? I saw Martha's european twin the other day. I really thought it was her until I saw her husband and realized he was definitely not Gary.