Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Po Po

I'm done. Done beating myself up for the terrible job I have done over the last year with my blog. Done trying to figure out the perfect time, perfect picture, perfect story, perfect excuse to come back and actually get back in the swing of things with this dear 'ol blog. Done posting how I'm "coming back" only to post one time and not return for months...DONE.

So I've decided to just write. Post pics when I can. Just remember that I started this to document the twins life, since I knew I'd never do baby books when I was running on 30 minutes of sleep at a time & coffee. Write when there's a good story, post pics that aren't necessarily portraits and get my thoughts on this whole motherhood thing down so hopefully the kids can read these stories one day and be happy I did this...and maybe a little embarrassed along the way!

So nothing like Elliot giving me a gem of a story to post for today...

We were running late this morning. Kids have had terrible coughs and Keaton has really been down for a few days. We go to a bible study at our church on Wednesday morning and we were running behind since I actually had to put on makeup and real clothes today. So we head out the door on our way. Not 1/2 a mile down the road I see a cop and KNOW that I am not going the speed limit. Immediately lights come on and I tell the kids that we are getting pulled over and to be on their best behavior!

The cop walks up and I immediately notice his last name is "Gardner" (Keaton's middle name). So I ask Keaton to read his name to which the cop was impressed that he could read "Gardner". Just before he heads back to his car to decided if he wanted to give me a ticket Elliot shouts from the back seat "Hey, do you watch cops?" Officer Gardner tells her no that he doesn't watch that show. She replies in her sweet southern voice "I do! It's my favorite show!" REALLY! Thanks E & Daddy for making me look like mom of the year! He seemed to find enough humor in it that he let us go and said he didn't want me to start the year of bad...nicest cop ever!!!

So there's the story for today. Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be more tomorrow!

The COPS watcher...

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