Monday, January 23, 2012

Fruits of the Spirit

The kids came home yesterday singing a new song about the Fruits of the Spirit.  It was so sweet and I was so proud they both could name them all via this sweet little song.  

As a proud momma, I wanted to show off their talents.  So last night, while I was on the phone with my mom, I had the kids come in and sing the song for her one at a time.  Elliot went first and in her sweet, angelic voice sang them perfectly for Grammy.  

Then K man gets up.  He starts singing them in rap form, crossing his arms and throwing peace signs with each "fruit".  For the big finale, he came to self-control and proceeds to moon me simultaneously with the words coming out of his mouth.  I'm trying to explain this to my mom who is listening and neither of us could quit laughing.  What a goof ball!!!  When we could talk again my mom told me I might want to teach him about the meaning of those "fruits" a little better! 

Oh how's these kids continue to make me laugh on a daily basis!  

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