Friday, January 13, 2012

Newborn Memories

Nothing will make you remember the days of newborns better than when your kids are sick.  Those wonderful memories of sleepless nights.  In fact, I was up 5 times before 1am night before last.  I think that is worse then they ever did as newborns!  Besides all the blessings of having multiples there is the curse of multiple illness.  If one gets sick just hang 36-48 hrs I guarantee the other will have it or worse, something else!  I have to say the kids have been pretty healthy for a long time now but this past week has done me in for a while!  Here's a glimpse at our Drs visit yesterday.

If you've read my blog in the past you know the first few years of life were plagued will all kinds of illnesses.  This week has brought back all those memories.  To the point I looked back at old post and found this picture of E.  Same pitiful look!

Luckily this week it was just a long, extended cough & cold and only 1 ear infection between the two.  Good news is I must have looked so rough this week that Ryan told me to have a Girls Night Out tonight!  Can't wait for pedi's and Mexican!  Just what this one tired, exhausted momma needs!  Thx babe!

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