Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One More Pic & A Pick Pocket

Here is another classic pic of Elliot with Santa. Thanks Amanda for letting me swipe this from your blog!

So we have determined if the stripper thing doesn't pay the bills for Elliot she has a back up plan of how to make some extra cash.

Sunday night, I was getting the kids a bath before taking them over to Jason & Kyra's. I undressed Elliot, put her in and then proceeded to do the same with Keaton. I was sitting on the edge of the tub, took off his dirty clothes & diaper and put him in as well. I took their clothes, put them in their laundry basket & then headed back into the bathroom to put down the stopper so they tub would fill up. That's when I heard a noise. Something I hadn't heard from any of their tub toys before. I look down to first discover Elliot scratching a bobbie pin on the bottom of the tub. Where in the world would she have found that? Then I see what Keaton was playing with...MY CELL PHONE! It too is submerged in the tub and is happily being scratched on the bottom of the tub floor to make a cool noise that I am sure his tube happy ears are enjoying!

It then hits me...while I was undressing Keaton, my sweet little devil of a daughter has swiped my back pocket! I didn't even feel it! I had my cell phone and a bobbie pin in my back pocket and she lifted them like a professional gypsy in train stations of Florence! Wow...that is some skill for a 14 month old.

So needless to say, after a long drying out for my Razor over night and a small glimpse of hope yesterday when it came on, the battery slowing started to die and was to never come on again. Why does this happen at the holidays when we are all at our bank's end? At least my kids had a moment of enjoyment in the bathtub and I learned a valuable lesson...don't ever turn your back on Elliot!

For all my family that is about to encounter what is the Halford toddlers...get ready and hide your phones! Elliot is coming to town!


Leslie said...

What a stinker!!! I am learning so much from you. I would have never dreamed they'd swipe like that. Too bad Wal-mart doesn't sell the new iPhones!

Tiffany said...

What a little sneak. Reminds me of when our daughter came to my bedside one morning and unplugged my phone then dropped it in my Nalgene Bottle. Why are they attracted to them so much?

Geo said...

Buh ha ha ha!!!!! Gotta love em!