Sunday, December 9, 2007

Christmas Party and the Dreaded "T" Word

Last night, thanks to our fabulous neighbor Leslie, we were able to go to Scott & Cheryl's annual Christmas party. They have started making this a tradition and we LOVE going every year. They open up their home to all their friends and just take a moment to celebrate friendship and this year, giving. We all brought canned goods this year and they are going to take it to the food bank to help those in need this holiday season. What a great idea! Thanks Scott & Cheryl for setting such a great example for all of us! Y'all are the best!

Now for the "T" word. We went back to the Dr. on Friday and were told that Keaton would have to get tubes. I should have known this was coming because I am sure when I was little I should have had them. Anytime I get sick to this day it always starts off with an earache. Hopefully this will clear it all right up and we will have NO MORE double ear infections! Poor thing has been so sick this last week and on Friday had dropped a full pound. As you know, my little ones do not have a pound to give. I have been told that once he gets his tubes and feels normal for a change, he might just eat me out of house and home! Lets hope! We go Tuesday for our consultation and then hopefully we will get in for the procedure before the end of the week. If not, Ryan and I might not make it (last night was terrible)...I type as I sip my 30 weight coffee! We'll keep you posted and I am sure will have pics of the big day.

Finally, here is a pic of Elliot before we went to the Christmas party. Can you tell she was not in the mood to have her picture taken?


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Leslie said...

So sorry! Hope you get this done and no more ear infections! So very sad and common for boys I hear. I should have called you...I was up every stinkin hour with Sam last night. Think he is coming down with a cold.
Keep us posted.
They are so cute!! I wish you lived next door.

Leslie said...

What the heck is that first comment??

Barron Triplets said...

Thanks for the B-day wishes. Our challenge for Christmas is going to be how to get everything the kids get from Oklahoma, back down to Texas!

Geo said...

They are cute looking even when they are sick and/or ticked off.

Tubes will be easy and you'll be in/out in an hour. Serious. Some of ours come in by 8 and heading home by 9. Then the clouds part, the bluebirds sing and he feels all better (I know that was cheesey). He will probably nap for a while after he gets them.

Jody and Janell said...

When do these sleepless nights end??? HELP! I will be praying for your sweet little Keaton!
I would love to chat with you.
I know you are super busy, but if you ever get the chance, contact me.
Praying for you.

Dallas said...

First of all...crazy first comment.

Second of all...your kids are adorable! Sorry about the ear infections, but I hear great things about tubes. We'll be praying for the big day!

Adam Halford said...

I just looked up the translation for that first comment. Its some Portuguese nonsense about an internet company. Its incredible the way they spam you these days!