Thursday, December 13, 2007

A New Baby?

First just to let you know, Keaton did excellent getting his tubes this morning.

jujgbty6ohouvjy (That is from Keaton 9:30 PM, letting you know he is ok!)

We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 AM (I don't do mornings well) and got checked in with no issues. We went upstairs where Keaton got to put on his first backless gown. He was so cute with his little diapered tush sticking out! I think, like any man, he liked the freedom of the non-restrictive clothing!

After checking some vitals and attaching a few monitors, we headed downstairs. I got to ride on the bed with Keaton and this was by far his favorite part! Luckily the nurse that took him back was too sweet and Keaton went right with her and snuggled the whole way (she said she usually doesn't get too many cuddlers on the way to the OR). We went to the waiting room and before Ryan could even get through the front page of sports, Dr. Lee was coming out to tell us everything went great!

On our way back to recovery, we ran into our neighbors, Todd & Allison (see PHOTO ALLI link to the right!!!). Both of their girls were getting tubes, Eva for the second time as hers had fallen out. The girls were waiting to go back and Miss Avery was telling me how brave she was going to be. Praise God, they did great as well!

We headed to recovery and Keaton was back there with a nurse, one step from being swaddled and drinking a bottle! I hear of people going to the fetal position when they are frightened but he was taking reverting back to childhood to a whole new level. He was so confused and disoriented but otherwise, was glad to be back in his momma's arms, drinking his favorite blue gatorade! (The only real memory that will forever stick with me is how my sweet little baby smelled of Drakar Noir after surgery from being held by Gaylord Focker, male nurse! I really find it humorous that when I smell that now I will think of boys from Jr. High circa 1989 and my son getting tubes!) It took about 30 minutes for him to completely calm down but after that, he was great! He ended going through 4 oz of pedialyte, a big sippy cup of gatorade and another of apple juice in an hour! The nurse also let him have some jello and graham crackers while he watched Super Why! (his favorite show ever) so he was in heaven. I don't think he was actually ready to leave.

We got home and he took a bath all by himself, since Sis was still at Nana's, and he loved it. I swear that child at times wishes he was an only child! Although I will tell you, last night he was having trouble going to sleep and I finally got one of the extra blankets out of Elliot's bed and he snuggled with it and finally fell asleep. It was their first night apart so that could not have been sweeter to see from him!

Which leads me to my title for this post. Everyone told us, and keeps telling us, that Keaton will be a new baby. Well, sad to say, I liked the old baby. He is such a great kid that he really wasn't hard to deal with before tubes. We were just hoping that by this change, this would mean that he would FINALLY have a desire to go to bed on time. (As you can see from above, so far this isn't happening!) The only thing we can tell so far is he is say more consonant sounds tonight and it chatting alot more. I have a feeling it is about to get really loud in our house! He even said "No No" tonight when he stood up in his highchair!

Well, I think I finally hear silence in their room so hopefully he is down for a good nights sleep (Elliot has been out since 8ish). That means, since I had to get up at 5:45, I am off to sleep as well. Thank you all for your prayers today and sorry for such a late update.


Leslie said...

Praise God! What a relief. I kept checking and was actually nervous for this post. I know you and Ryan are so relieved. I hope this solves the problem and he is never sick again!! HA! He looks so cute and sweet in his hospital gown...and must smell even better. Too funny. Hope you have a restful weekend.

Whitney said...

I'm glad the procedure went well! Hopefully he won't continue to get sick anymore!

Barbara Manatee said...

so glad to hear Keaton did well! The part about him snuggling up with Elliot's blanket is sooo sweet!