Monday, November 17, 2008


This is the now famous phrase you will most likely hear from my kids ever since turning two back in October. They love to tell anyone and everyone their age these days. The other morning, Keaton had ended up in bed with us sometime during the night and I awoke the next morning to him sitting up in bed, staring at me and he uttered the following..."Hi Momma! I two!"

So since they are so into being two, I figured their momma better update the blog (finally) with their two year old stats and favorite things list!

(The first difference you will notice from all the other Drs. office pics is that we have our clothes on! When you hit two, you now longer have to strip down to diapers and secondly, you actually get to stand on the big kids scale. I am still debating if this type scale is accurate for my tiny children because it said both kids weighed the exact same and I can tell you just by holding them, that ain't right.)

Miss E:

Weight: 23 lbs (5th percentile)
Height: 32 1/2 in. (10th percentile)
Teeth Count=15and cutting more like crazy!
Favorite Toy: Definitely Playdoh. She also loves anything art and still loves to play outside.
Favorite Color: Green
Most Common Phrases:
"I wanna play paydoh downstairs!", "Momma, Momma, MOOOOOMMMMM!", "Daddy, Daddy, RYYYYYAAANNNN!", "I need a poptar", "I wanna ride scooters outside.", "I go PeePee!!!"
Favorite Foods:
Poptarts, Pizza, ramen noodles, Green Beans (french style or momma's garlic green beans), Refried Beans, Pcorn (those ice cream Hershey idea why she calls them Pcorn), corn on the cobb
Favorite Beverages:
Gatorade, Milk & "Cold Coke" (when she can steal a sip from someone)
Attachments: Still has a paci at bedtime and must have her blankie to sleep....and now must have her belt on for nap & bedtime!
Favorite TV Shows: Wubbzy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George
Favorite Movies: Tinkerbell, Toy Story, Peter Pan, Madagascar, Cars

She loves to pray (she even started and said the prayer tonight on her own for us!) and kiss everyone goodnight and always tells me "I wua you momma" before laying down.

*E is so loving and has so much spunk! We couldn't imagine how quite our house would be without her. She is talking up a storm and is following in her big cousins' footsteps with her vocabulary. (She told me she needed to go to the "restroom" the other day? What 2 year old calls the potty the restroom?) She is very protective of her bubba and always runs to his rescue if he is ever hurt or crying (Tonight she even volunteered to go to Time Out with him just to keep him company and when he wouldn't apologize she just kept saying, "I sorry momma. I sorry!"). She is still the boss but is starting to mind so much better and realizing that no matter how stubborn she is, she will never out stubborn her momma! (Sorry baby, just the way God made me!) She is doing very well with potty training and would probably be done is she were my only one to potty train. She is going 4-5 times a school on her own! Oh and she LOVES school! No more tears when we drop off or pick up....can I get a HALLELUJAH!


Weight: 23lbs (5th percentile)
Height: 33 3/4in. (15th percentile)
Teeth Count=16 and cutting more. He is actually drooling again even!
Favorite Toys: Cars, Airplanes, Choo Choos & Baseball. He too would rather play outside then anything and would swing til next week if you would let him.
Favorite Color: Purple (I am not sure if this really is his favorite but it is what he says every time if you ask him what color something is)
Most Common Phrases: "I want baseball" (He asks to watch baseball every night....bring on spring training games fast!), "Outside!", "I want fruitsnacks", "more juice", and he is constantly making car, train, plane and animal noises
Favorite Foods:
Pizza, Refried beans and salsa, fruit snacks, ramen noodles, any snack they have at Sam's, hotdogs
Favorite Beverages: Gatorade, Cranapple juice, Milk
Attachments: Has to have his "bunky" (blanket) when he goes to bed or gets sleepy.
Favorite TV Shows: Wubbzy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Diego, Curious George
Favorite Movies: Cars, Peter Pan, Madagascar, Jungle Book

KG loves to cuddle with momma in the mornings and right after naps. Loves to watch sports with Daddy, especially baseball!

*KG is our sweet little boy but the twos are definitely bringing out the true boy in him! He is constantly climbing or self destructing something around here. He is so sweet to his sissy and loves to give her kisses before bedtime. He loves books and is currently OBSESSED with any and all toy catalogs! The other day he climbed up in the recliner and looked at a toy catalog for 45 solid minutes! He is starting to potty train but you still have to tell him to go. He will but you have to do all the leg work leading up to it. He would just sit in it and keep on playing for all he cared. He could still play alone for hours and doesn't like being interrupted while watching something he is really interested in. I could not imagine my day without getting to cuddle with my baby boy. He is such a sweetheart! He does however avoid eye contact at all cost when getting in trouble and will cover his ears if you are getting on to him in public! Oh that one makes people laugh every time!

K & E, you are such a blessing to daddy and I. Our family would not be complete without you! I am continually grateful that God blessed us with the wonderful gift of multiples. I wouldn't want it any other way! Sure we are tired a lot of the times and sure we can get frustrated some days, but two hugs at once, two "Amens" every night at the end of our prayers, two kisses before bed...I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love that our house is always loud and our laps are never empty! Oh how I love you babies and want you to know that I will thank my God everyday for giving me both of the same time! Now, lets go do something funny for momma to blog about. I am sure the 2 year stage will be full of life lessons and much laughter at our expense! Until then, stay tuned for our Halloween update!


cat said...

What a sweet post! my, how do they grow and develop and she has a amazing vocabulary.

Brandi said...

They are getting so big! And so many words! Wow.

adam halford said...

The countdown is on until we get to see them! We cant wait!! (You guys too....we are excited to see you both)

Barbara Manatee said...

Great post! My daughter is talking tons, too, and often speaks up for her brother as well. Must be a girl thing!

We celebrate #2 next week along with the check up, too. Will be interesting to see how mine have grown. Where your two are on the tiny end, my two are tipping the scales on the other side. At another Dr a few weeks ago, J was already 37+ inches tall and around 34 lbs! whoa! I sure wouldn't mind lifting some teeny toddlers instead of my giant ones! haha!

Heidi said...

Well, my Esther could certainly hang with your twins! Her birthday is Oct. 8. She weighed 24lbs (20%) I was really excited b/c this is the first time she has ever made it on the chart for weight. Her height was 30 in (0%). I would love to meet your sweet little ones some day!