Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Backlog

Once again, I fall behind on posting fall pictures. I figured I would atleast try to post fall/halloween pics before we leave town for Thanksgiving! Enjoy the following pics from the past month...

Oh those kids love to spot airplanes!

This is too cute! One day they'll figure it out (hopefully soon because my triceps are killing me!)

This gorgeous tree was in front of my friend Allison's house. I just loved looking at it everyday!

Sweet the hat!!!
What's fall without playing in the leaves?
He's in there somewhere...

Oh that sweet face!

This is a rare shot of some post nap snuggling!
The week of Halloween, several of us headed over to Kathy's house to make Halloween Tshirts for all the kids. It was a blast and I believe a new tradition has begun!

Oh yeah....wait for it.... ORANGE TIE DYE!!!
Emma helped me stir the tie die mix.
Look how cute...and they're not even finished yet!

Our amazing friend Mandy painted spiders for the bigger boys using their thumbs!

This girl loves to paint. Here she is telling Mandy "My turn, my turn!"

Just a sample of the crowd we had...
Here are the kids on the day before Halloween, wearing their new shirts to school.
KG loves all the cars and books at school.
EE modeling her new threads!
Then we got to get a sneak peak of the box maze. The kids were obsessed with this!
Well, obsessed with that or the flashlights one.

KG got a new Tball set for his Halloween surprise. (EE got the Tinkerbell movie). Do you see a potential accident waiting to happen?
OH....just missed her. Good aim buddy!
The boy LOVES and I mean LOVES baseball!
Miss Avery showing off her scary teeth.
Halloween day...heading to see daddy at the office.
I love this one!

Yes, KG actual stopped to pick a dandelion!
Trick or Treating at Daddy's office. They racked up!

Checkin' out the goods!
Off to see Nana & Papa

They're not proud huh??? Look at the excitement on those faces!

EE with her 5th & 6th suckers in hand. (She ended up eating 7, a bad of M&Ms, and a jumbo pixie stick with no dinner. Somehow she still fell asleep on time!)

Yep, there's the pixie stick...
The group about to head out.
Kyra's castle is always the hit of the neighborhood! This is where the handmade pixie sticks originate!
They actual first trick or treating experience.

Playing downtown at the square with the Matherly's


Suzanne said...

SO flippin cute....seriously mel....could they GET any cuter? omg. LOVE your marathon blogs! look forward to them! ;) you guys have an awesome thanksgiving!!!

cat said...

Very very cute post with lots of stunning pics. Your kids are truly adorable.

5littleones said...

Your kids are so cute! The tie-dye shirts were a very good idea. I have twins also and I have many of the same stories that you have.

Erin Faubus said...

This was a mega-post and I love it! Great pictures - the Halloween costumes were super cute!

Jamie Chitty said...

I love all the photos!! They are growing so fast and getting cuter and cuter. I want to babysit sometime. Send them up!!

* TONYA * said...

WOW. So many great photographs.

I'm sure your triceps are killing you, but what a great workout :). That photograph is just way too cute.

Ashlee said...

Would you please come live at my house? I want pictures of my kids like you have of yours. They are precious! Oh, and love the seesawing or would that just be seeing?