Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Christmas 2014

This was a pretty great Christmas for us! It seems like most people we know had one or all members of their family sick this year & fortunately we seem to have avoided that.  This was my family's year to have Christmas so we headed down to Benton after doing Santa here at the house.

We realized that day that it had been 4 years since we have been at Grandmernas on Christmas Day!  The last time we were suppose to go was the 15in of random snow that Benton got!  It was so good to be back at where my childhood Christmas memories always take me.
Of course there was Doug's BBQ, more food than any of us could eat in a week & loud, crazy, out of hand games.  I love the loud, packed organized chaos that is Christmas at GGs.  You don't realize how much you miss it until you've missed it for a while!  
After Christmas we stayed a few days in Benton.  Since mom didn't get out of bed much this visit we got to go to Little Rock several times and take the kids to some of our old stomping grounds!  
Lunch (BURGERS) at Does

The kids have been privy to some great burger joints in their short lifetime!  After lunch that day we went to the Capitol.  Once we saw it was open we went in to show the kids where daddy use to work and walked around like our own little field trip.  You have no idea how loud Keaton's voice can echo in a rotundašŸ˜³
Keaton wanted to have a staff meeting where daddy use to have his staff meeting.  His meeting was about "freedom for blacks & whites" and "taxes"!
We also recreated a picture I took in my wedding dress with Elliot.  That will bring you full circle I tell ya!
The rest of the trip consisted of more great food, time with the cousins, basketball at the church, more visits with Grandmerna and of course visiting Curly at the bulk plant.  

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