Tuesday, September 8, 2015

She loved school pictures...

This was one of Grammy's favorite times in of the year. Back to school, the fall colors, football season  and most of all yall's school pictures.  She always loved pictures but especially school pictures.   I never know when missing her is going to hit me but it did today as I got your newest school pictures.  It was the first time I realized she wouldn't see these and I wouldn't be sticking these in the mail to her as soon as possible to share with her.  She loved teaching and education even though she was never a teacher outside of Sunday school. Oh how I could not be more proud of the people you are becoming and I know she is just as proud watching over you.  Never forget how much she adored you and how much she loved hearing how you were doing in school.  Always do your best & know you are making us proud!

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