Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ryan's 35th Birthday

Been on a short hiatus to finish getting ready for and going to Disney last week.  I somehow accumulated 616 photos and several videos to go through and edit so I promise to post the best of the best when I get them all done!  Hopefully soon!

Right before we left was Ryan's birthday on the 2nd.  We went to this fun bar in a restaurant right by our house that most of the guys in these picture frequent!  Since they know the owner and bartender so well they let us throw Ryan a little after work party there that night.  We had SO much fun with all our dear friends and thank everyone for coming and celebrating with us!  

Here are some fun pics from that night!

Rodney, Michael, Ryan & Scott

Oh Tina Tina Tina!

The infamous Shane Coker

Our friendly neighborhood bartender Mike!

Tina, Me & Katie...LOVE these girls!

Megan & JT...Ryan's long lost sisters

The WMT/Sam's crew...Ian, Cindy, Tyler (in back), Cameron, & Laura

Johnny, Dana, Dean, Ryan, Ryan P & Chaney

Leslie with Ryan & Shane

Death by Chocolate cake from Rick's...unbelievable!!!

Who knows???  Is that Dr Dre behind yall?

Another birthday in the books.  I told Ryan as his dad so affectionately told me on my 35th..."well, you are closer now to 40 than you are to 30!"  

Happy birthday babe!  I can't wait to celebrate many more to come!

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