Wednesday, February 24, 2010


You know by the looks of this its going to be a good story...


So yesterday we came home from school and I had a splitting headache due to forgetting my daily quotient of coffee. The kids were sitting on the bed, watching cartoons like little angels, and I told them that I was going to lay back in the chair and rest my eyes for a minute. I could not have dosed off for more than 10 minutes and I woke up to complete destruction by a certain set of twins.

First, I was awoken to Keaton crying that he was covered in something sticky. At first glance it looks like he had gotten into the Dawn dish soap. Not to harmless. I wipe him off and as I go down to survey the damage I notice two forks and a dumped out bag of Cheetos in the middle of my bed. Blood starting to simmer but not boiling yet.

I head down the stairs and first see TWO empty egg cartons and a dumped out cup of old chocolate pudding. Yes, it was old and I hadn't thrown it out of my frig. I can only do so much! As I turned the corner of the kitchen my initial shock was quickly overcome by my blood hitting full blown BOIL. There were broken eggs EVERYWHERE, the mysterious blue gel everywhere and something that was really shiny all over the cabinets.

Apparently the kids had made supper while I had dosed off. Remember, less than 10 minutes here. They had cracked ONE AND ONE HALF DOZEN eggs in a frying pan and some that apparently missed and hit the floor. They had also decided that busting open all the dishwasher tabs would be a good addition to their concoction. I then notice that they had two plates with the egg mixture and two spoons out on the kitchen table where they appeared to have dined together. They both said that they did eat some and "it was belicious". (I braced for a long night of terrible #3s but thankfully the Lord spared me of this!)

After yelling at my children and "spanking them hard" according to Elliot, I sent them upstairs and tackled the super bowl of kitchen messes. Have you ever tried to pick up eggs off of wooden floors with paper towels? Let's just say its about as easy as picking up oil with tweezers.

Wondering what the shiny substance on the counters was yet??? Well, to top everything off they appeared to try to fry the eggs as they had emptied out a container full of old fried okra grease into the pan and all over the counters.

Needless to say my kids probably learned some new words yesterday and they have told enough people today that they got spankings for making a mess that hopefully this will be a one time only occurrence.

So, once again, enjoy a laugh at our expense. That's what we seem to be on this earth for.

OH, did I forget to mention that Ryan is out of town this week?

OH and did I not mention that the night before the kids pulled off the shower drain and Keaton decided to drop the kids off???

I need a massage!


Terri said...

Bless your heart!

Aunt Terri

Amy Mc. said...

Of course these thing always happen with dad is out of town.

Mary Kate said...

bless your sweet heart...i guess this is what i have to look forward to in several years, huh??? oh my goodness!!

Kristi said...

After I laughed really hard, and then reread this to my husband and we laughed hard together, I got really nervous and scared. We aren't far behind you I am feeling. And I am not sure if I can handle concoction! Bless your heart.

abc said...

Bless your hard is exactly what I was thinking, too! It will make for a great story for the rest of their lives. I hope you get some rest and that they behave at least until their daddy returns!

Barbara Manatee said...

OMG!!! I can't even imagine!!! oh where do they come up with these ideas!?!?! I bet Ryan got a good laugh about all this at your expense. Hope you got the mess cleaned up and they learned their lesson! Good luck surviving the rest of the week!

cat said...! All of a sudden the broken espresso cup and sugar bowl (was full of sugar) on the kitchen floor last night does not sound so bad.

Mary Kate said...

Yes, we live in Fort Smith...not far from you at all!! I have been following your blog for a while & can't get enough of your two cuties! I love their names...especially Elliot!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just saying... this is just payback for all the hardships we parents had to endure when you girls were little. It's only fair that we get to laugh instead of cry now.

Barry (Kristi's dad)

Triplets and a Surprise said...

Oh sister! I am so sorry! I must mine have not yet attempted to cook anything yet, but this sounds like something they could do. Add Charlie baby into the mix and this crew is a disaster! Wish you lived closer so we just let our kids dominate us together!

Roni said...

first time here on your blog... Found you through Steece's Pieces. I tried not to laugh to hard at this post... let me explain. When I was about 3 years old, I would NOT sleep. I would sleep for about 1 hour at night and that was it. I was up and ready to run and play the other 23 hours of the day. Back then the Dr told my parents I would sleep when I needed to, wouldn't give them anything to give me to help me sleep. NOTHING. My parents took turns staying up with me. One night, it was dad's "shift" to stay up with me. I took a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk and a pumpkin pie, mixed it all together in middle of the living room carpet. I then found scissors and gave my dad and myself a haircut. This is when mom walked in and started yelling, waking up my dad... he started to get mad until he stood up and his hair fell on the floor in front of him... needless to say, later that day the Dr prescribed me some meds to get me to sleep.... and it took about a year for dads hair and my hair to look right again... I STILL remember this.oh my poor parents lol