Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hotter than....the Tulsa Zoo!

Last week we headed off with this group...

...to the Tulsa Zoo. Yep, that is just about all of us, minus the Harley couple in the background. Not sure who they are but we didn't want to deprive them of the cheetahs just to get a group pic. While we might not take 13 kids to the zoo again with just 6 adults, we did have a great time. This zoo however is a never ending sea of concrete and sun! No shade in sight except for the picnic area. Mix in some trees why don't ya, Tulsa Zoo! I didn't think Keaton's cheeks were ever going to turn a normal shade again. He was so hot and sweaty that he poured a bottle of water on himself to cool off. I think his favorite part was stripping down and riding home naked!

Elliot had fun once she discovered Harry's bag of goldfish. Once she got those puppies in her hands she was not letting go. Good thing Harry knows how to pick his fights. He quickly realized that the Meerkats were much cooler than Elliot's bag of snacks. But Elliot wasn't about to let go!

Other than melting, it was a good time spent with our friends. Next time I think we will be picking an activity with a pool or something with a fan at least!

Here are some pics from our eventful day!

Our attempt at a group pictures of the kids...in the blazing hot sun...when we should all be taking naps...bribing with dum dum suckers!
And Elliot saying "Momma, Momma, Momma"
If you know my son, you know he is in mid sentence of saying..."Whaaa is it?"
Our friend Lindsay was there!
And her brother Harrison! (Although he didn't want to stop for a photo op)

Elliot letting someone on the playground have it...
But when momma looks it is all innocent smiles!
Our friend Harry was there of course!
And Miss Taylor was there with her precious hat!
And our new, adorable friend McCoy!

The highlight of the day was a phone call just before we were about to leave from our church telling me that Keaton & Elliot FINALLY got into Mother's Day Out!!!! I signed them up when they were born so this was a big thing for us! I really wanted them going where we go to church and because they have such an awesome program that will prepare them for kindergarten one day.

I remember I use to think MDO programs were for mom's who couldn't hack it. You know, what kind of person stays home all day and all week and can't keep up with things while getting to play with kids all day long....This kind of person that's who! I need MDO. I crave MDO. I live for MDO!!!

So what exciting things did I do for our 1st day of MDO you ask? Cleaned/moped my floors, dusted with Pledge and not just the Swiffer duster, and cleaned the bathroom baseboards. I am willing to admit publicly that 80% of what I did had not been done since at least my second trimester of pregnancy. Who has time to wipe baseboards while chasing around kids all day?
Needless to say, I am a fan and will NEVER criticize those hard working moms who need a few hours a week, oh those sweet precious hours, to get things done around the house. I can't wait until I am caught up and can actually do something fun on a MDO day! Until then, I am just happy to be attempting to getting my house back in order. Sorry honey for the dirty bathroom floors. Hope you like the new and improved ones!


cat said...

Looks like a great day out! Glad you enjoyed Meerkats - they're stunning little animals and all the way from here.

Lindsey said...

OK I want to know who you payed and how much to get your kids into MDO! I have had Stella on the list before she was born and am still on the waiting list! If you could see my bathroom floor, you would run the other way! Hope you have a blessed week.

Barbara Manatee said...

Hope the zoo was fun, even though it was so hot (what kind of zoo doesn't have trees???!) That's cool that the kiddos can go to MDO. My last day of work for the summer is tomorrow, but I'm still keeping the twins in daycare 2 days a week - partly for them (socialization and not having to transition back into the routine in the fall again) and partly for me (have a few days a week to clean, work in the yard or do something for myself). I sort of feel guilty, but I know it'll be good for all of us!

TONYA said...

What a fabulous day out (aside from the heat of course).

I just love the photo of Elliot looking over the fence, such a beautiful shot.

BoufMom9 said...

What beautiful pictures of such a lovely day (even if you were all melting. UGH!)
Good for you getting all of that accomplished! And, good for you not being afraid to take the much needed space from always being mommy 24/7.
:) Debi

Bethany said...

Hello there, I have a little girl named Elliott too! What's her middle name? (if you don't mind me asking) I have only been through Tulsa but my grandparents lived there many years ago. Cute blog!

Amy Mc. said...

Yeah for MDO. Sadly enough the Swiss have not heard of it yet. Looks like you had fun at the zoo.

Whitney said...

Wow- yall were quite brave to visit the zoo with THAT many kids! Looks like it was a fun time!

Excellent news about MDO! And don't feel bad- I haven't cleaned my baseboards since before I was pregnant with Austin! :)