Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Where the heck you been?

Missed us?  Well, things have as usual been pretty eventful around here!  Thanks for checking back and not giving up hope on us.  We hope to be back to regular posts after this update of where we've been lately.  

We'll start with two weeks ago Thursday.  Of course, Ryan was out of town on an overnight work trip and the kids went to bed like perfect little angels.  Skip to 3:30 AM when KG wakes up coughing.  You know that "Is that a seal or a dog?" kind of cough.  I go get him and he is coughing and trying to cry to the point he is struggling to breathe.  I bring him back to bed with me and try to calm him down with lots of lovin' and some early morning cartoons.  He just lays there lifeless struggling to breathe.  He would dose off here and there and then would wake back up with a coughing vengeance.  By 4:30AM I call my aunt who immediately tells me I need to get KG to the ER.  Thank goodness for in laws who live in town!  Martha came and stayed to EE since she of course slept through the whole fiasco.  

We spent the morning in the ER doing breathing treatments and doses of steroids.  Come to find out, they want to admit us and keep us in the hospital overnight for observation since he wasn't getting noticeably better with the treatment at that point.  Luckily, Ryan was headed home and arrived that afternoon to help us out.  My dear sweet friend Kathy came the minute she heard and stayed to entertain us (ME) while we waited in the ER.  She came prepared with cokes, cheerios, yogurt & her never ending uplifting spirit.  I have never needed her more and she was there without even having to ask.  You can't ask for a better friend than that...OH, and the fact that she came and got ALL our laundry (Ryan's political boxers & all) and brought them back on Saturday, laundered and folded!  Is she the best or what?....I forgot to mention that our washer went out from all the use at laundry fest '08 during our week of staph!

Long story short, KG stayed overnight and was much better the following morning.  Apparently he just had a case of terrible croup & laryngitis.  We headed home and finished out the weekend feeling much better and having some much needed sunshine to help us recover.  

Tuesday, we were to leave for Nashville to visit Ryan's brother Adam and his wife Bethany.  We had to run to the Dr. before leaving since KG was starting to wheeze again and EE was starting to cough as well.  Seems she was getting a touch of it and fortunately was not going to get to the point KG did!  So we headed out of town, stopping by my parents to break up the trip.  The kids did great in the car and thank you Jesus for inviting the portable DVD player!  How did our parents make it without those?

We spent Wednesday through Sunday in Nashville, stopping at Interstate BBQ in Memphis on the way....YUM!!!  The kids slowly started to feel better (as I started to come down with it) and slept like champs every single night!  We took them on Thursday to the Adventure Science Museum while A&B worked and let them see the worlds largest kindergarten class that was there too.  We got to go and visit my college roomie Wendy's house and play with her kids that afternoon.  Thanks again Wen for the hotdogs, fruit & snacks!  Why can't we live closer?
Friday, we headed to eat a late breakfast at the Loveless Cafe and indulged in their world famous biscuits.  The kids loved them until E had her breakdown of all breakdowns.  She wanted NOTHING to do with sitting at that table.  So while Ryan ate, I took her to the observation window to watch them make biscuits & homemade fried chicken.  Then we switched so I could enjoy my biscuits & gravy and a few bites of the kids pancakes.  After lunch with headed to Green Hills mall to shop and look for Easter outfits (can't wait for you all to see those!!!).  The kids were superb and we actually spent all afternoon shopping and enjoying the day.  Chupa Chu's (suckers) will by you at least half an hour if you ever need to know!  Bethany's sister Paula & her husband Scott (who live two apartments down from A&B) volunteered to watch the kids Friday night so we could go out to eat.  We ended up at a place called Rumors for some fabulous food, great wine & much needed adult conversation!  When we left, it had started snowing.  When a town hasn't seen snow all season they come out to play no matter what time of day.  There were people everywhere out walking & playing in the snow.  It was so pretty to see Nashville blanketed in white beauty.

Saturday was my day to catch the kids illness.  Luckily we were all tired and enjoyed a lazy morning at the apartment.  We went that afternoon to the outdoor shopping area by their house and enjoyed walking through Whole Foods since we don't have one here!  Oh how I would LOVE one of those nearby.  I could make the most killer fondue with that assortment of soft cheeses!  

Sunday we enjoyed going to church with them and hit the road afterwards to once again, break the trip up with a stop in Benton.  

We are finally home now and trying to get some order around here again.  The kids are feeling better, other than cutting all four molars, and I am on the up and up.  Could there be a glimpse of hope in our future?  Is that warm weather coming around the corner?  Pray for a swift & short spring so that the allergies stay at a minimum and keep us out of the Dr.'s office!  I know yall have just loved reading day after day about going to see the Dr.  How boring!  Thanks for indulging my in my life 'o illness!

So that is what we have been up to.  Hope yall are well and will continue to check back in.  I hope to update more often, like the good 'ol days, and keep the pictures coming since that is the only reason I know yall check this.  

BTW... I am a MAC owner now and will never go back!!!  My wonderful husband surprised me with a MAC last week to encourage me in my photo endeavors.  No pressure huh?  
We have something extra fun we are heading to do this afternoon.  Check back (hopefully tomorrow) for some pictures from our afternoon!  For now, enjoy the slide show since here were so many pics to update you all on!


Whitney said...

Welcome back to the blogging world- we've missed you! Glad to hear the kids are doing better- sounds like you've been quite busy!

Amy Mc. said...

I am glad you are back. I was starting to get worried. Your trip to Nashville sounds fun.

Gracie said...

I agree, MAC's are the best! Glad you are back, was about to send out a search party!

Check out my
No kids involved though... =)

Suzanne said...

holy freaking cow. i am so sorry for the little mister! poor guy. sounds like you guys have been crazy busy! hope you get some well needed R&R and easy days! xoxo

Leslie said...

I knew something was up when you hadn't posted in weeks. Glad everyone is much better now. You can handle stress like no one I know! I wish we lived in the same town b/c I'm going to freak out when my ER day comes.
I've been bugging husband for a MAC - is it hard to use in the beginning?