Friday, March 14, 2008

Down on the Farm

So where was our exciting adventure???

After naptime on Wednesday, we were invited to Memaw's house! Ryan's grandmother, Memaw, invited us over to see their new baby calf and to have some of her famous banana pudding &/or pecan pie. Who could resist that offer?

So the kids & I went Wednesday afternoon and immediately, the kids wanted to play outside. They were way too excited about all the wide open space to care about a snack at that moment. We hopped up on Carl's golf cart and headed out to see the cows. One had just had a calf and there is said to be 12 more on the way! (We will definitely be back to see for ourselves!) The kids loved the cows and Elliot finally put together that these were cows and that they say "Moo". And yes, that is barbed wire they are hanging on. I know...bad mom but somehow they handled it like pros and happened to grab right in between each and every time.

After a short play with some sticks, we hopped back on the golf cart and headed to see the horses. Elliot also learned here to call up the horses by clicking her tongue. Too cute! As you can see from the photos, Keaton thought that kicking them was a good idea. They loved the horses and I think are ready to hop on and ride, although momma knows they need to wait at least until they can learn to peepee on the potty first! There were also rabbits to see and more sticks than their little hands could get a hold of. (For some reason, my children love them some sticks!)

After playing a little while longer, we headed back to the house and now were ready for some snacks. Of course, Miss E ended up wanting MY pecan pie and Keaton spotted some grapes when Memaw opened the frig. Once those were spotted it was all over. The boy is obsessed with grapes (purple not green)! After turning their house upside down, almost beheading Memaw flowers in the window seal, and KG sucking on all her potatoes, it was time to say goodbye.

We had a blast and can't wait to go back. There is rumor of a great creek as well that we are invited to this summer. I can't wait for that! The kids will LOVE it and hopefully we can teach them to catch crawdads and skip rocks just like I did as a child on the banks of the Saline River. How creative and awesome is our God to give us seasons? Now if He would just let summer come a little quicker and stay a little longer!

*Don't worry family, you will be receiving an email shortly with all the photos from our day at the farm photos session!


Kim said...

Bless your heart with all the recent illnesses! Time in the ER is never a good thing. What a blessing to have a dear friend to help you!

I LOVE the farm pics! My boys are obeseesed with the farm right now and we are officially green with envy! I also love the great-grandparent pics - esp. the ones with their hands! THey made me well up!

Hang in there sweet friend!

Gracie said...

These are fabulous pictures! I love the ones of them holding the kids - it will be so great to have those as time passes.

Suzanne said...

girl,i am LOVING that camera...but more than that...YOUR TALENT WITH the camera! sheesh! priceless...those pics are absolutely gorgeous (as are the kids!) but seriously and more importantly, i expect some of grandma's banana pudding and pecan pie in the mail by tomorrow. you can email me for my address. ;) my mouth is drooling over here!

Jody and Janell said...

Can you run down to Dallas and take our one year photos?? ; ) WOW! I love those pics!

So sorry about the ER!
This journey is such a "beautiful emotional chaos" as I like to call it!
Hugs to you.

aWare said...

I am breaking up with you if you don't start answering your phone! I would have already given up if we didn't love your babies to much!

Tiffany said...

Keaton's little tie shirt and Eli's bow are the icing on their little cuteness cake. Glad you had a great time on the farm.

I grew up on a farm so taking the kids back to grandma and grandpa's house is so much fun...for me and them.