Monday, April 16, 2007

Here We Go....

Well...I decided to give this blog thing a try. After reading my brother's & uncle's blog everyday for the past two years, I have decided to give it a go. And since my family lives away from me, this will keep everyone updated on what all is going on here in NWA.

For those of you just checking this out, I will catch you up on my life so far...

  • Married my college sweetheart & best friend, Ryan Halford.

  • Lived in Little Rock for two years & then moved to NWA.

  • Been in NW Arkansas for 6 years now.

  • Struggled for almost 4 years to have a baby.

  • Ended up having to do IVF.

  • Blessed with the two most precious babies in the world!

My blog will consist not only on what all is going on in our lives but more so to have a place to talk about my struggles to have a baby and now the joys & lessons learned from being a mother of twins! I hope my random thoughts might be a blesssing and provide insight for anyone out there looking for advice on infertility and carrying mulitples. I know I sure searched for all the info I could while I was pregnant!


Ryan said...

Allow me to be the first person to post a comment on your blog. I love you so much. You are the best mother to our kids.


Geo said...

Welcome to BLOG NATION!!! Ok, request from a fan... you HAVE to put the "nose" photo of the twins out there.

suzanne said...

awww...too cute! i'm so glad you started a blog! those twinkies are precious and i can't wait to read about their lives as they get bigger and bigger! (LOVE the nose pic!)