Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Anyone else out there have a kid who is or was a big spitter?

Keaton spits up more than you can imagine! We have resorted to the point of not even wearing clothes anymore if we are at home. Poor thing has such cute outfits but no one ever gets to see them because they are always covered up with a bib. Supposidly, he was suppose to slow down once he started cereal...what does he do, spits up his oatmeal now! Between him spitting up his cereal and sissy trying to self feed, I am a mess by the end of dinner time!

If you have experienced this and have any good tricks of the trade to get this under control, please send me your comments!

ps...Here is a bonus shot for today at the request of my uncle George. This is becoming a family favorite photo!


nathan.p.walters said...

Melissa- Oh, my goodness, they are so cute! Can't believe they are 6 months old. I read everyone's blog, I guess I should start one of these up myself. Kisor can't wait to see those precious babies in a few weeks. My e-mail changed-jenwalters@bellsouth.net. Talk to you soon.
Jennifer Walters

Amy said...

Melissa, your babies are beautiful!! Congratulations! This is Amy (Neely) Stevens, by the way.

It's funny that your little boy spits up. My little boy has done that more so than my girls and is now ten months and has grown out of it. I'm so used to it that I just stand their and wait until he has thrown up all he is going to and then clean it up. Maybe it's a boy thing. :)

Tell Ryan "Hello." I'll be checking back often!

TDavis said...

Hey Melissa! It's so great to hear from you guys & to see your precious twins. They are adorable!

I feel you about the spit up & not getting to see his cute outfits. Clayton spit like a freakin' maniac. It was on EVERYTHING. He wore a bib 24/7 & I carried not one, but two, outfit changes for him AND me when we went out. It was ridiculous. I don't have any advice except hang in there...it will go away at some point. Does Keaton have reflux? That's what Clayton's was from. It stopped about two weeks ago (around 10 1/2 months). We were finally able to take him off his reflux meds and (knock on wood) he's been fine.

I'm so glad you're blogging! Look forward to catching up! Tell Ryan hello from us.

Brooke said...

they are so super cute!!! wow your life has to be crazy. tell ryan hello too! it is great to hear from you!

Jamie Chitty said...

I can't get over how much they look just like you both. They are so adorable.

Geo said...

Ok, Is Miss E trying to honk his nose or pick it?

And does the next frame have K-man crying and Miss E with her fingers in her mouth because she got the "green M&M"? HA!!!

Dallas said...

Melissa, well, i live just down the road and have a baby of my own. we should get together! your babies are precious. i saw martha (ryan's mom) at wal-mart a few months ago and she immediately pulled out pictures to show me. i was in grad. school with her when you were going through all of your infertility problems. we constantly prayed for you and ryan. look how God has blessed you!!!! i hope you are having fun and call or email if you ever want a playdate. dallas hill henderson