Monday, December 13, 2010

A Story to Remember

So the other day I was taking the kids to their Nena and Papa's house for a little quality time. We are in the car and almost to their neighborhood when Elliot says...

"Momma, remember when we were in your tummy and you said 'oh I hope its a boy and a girl' and then you saw us and said 'oh they are just precious' and then you brought us home. Remember that? That was a good day!"

Cute right? Well until she followed up with this question..."So momma, how did we get in your belly anyway?"

I am not ready for that discussion yet so I just said "Well, God put you there like he did with baby Jesus and Mary." Luckily she's only 4 and that satisfied her for now...only we are worried she is going to wonder where they wise men and shepherds are when they don't come for their next birthday!

Just had to be sure and blog that one because we will want to mix that into the Christmas story one of these days!