Monday, September 6, 2010

Not Dead just Distracted

Yep...we are still here! I know I haven't blogged in FOREVER and I honestly feel like I have missed out on the last few months. I know one day I will be really sad that I didn't document these last few months but hopefully the hard work will make for many more memories and some exciting things to blog about in the future!

We have been busy with two 3 (almost 4) year olds...some of you forgot to tell me how "lovely" the 3's are and Mary Kay has taken off like crazy!

Here are some more recent pics and I hope to slowly catch up on where we've been lately. The kids started soccer this fall and we just got Keaton his first big boy haircut. Yes, I teared up but it will grow! He is still my handsome little man!

Enjoy and we'll be back soon! I've missed yall!

Farmer's Mkt-3

1st game-28

1st game-25

1st game-22

1st game-19

1st game-18

1st game-17

1st game-14

1st game-1

1st game-11


Ashlee said...

I just love your pictures. I wish I could hire you to follow my family around and make us look so spectacular!

Jill said...

Okay, I am new to your blog and am amazed at your pictures. I agree with Ashlee, can you come photograph my family? You have quite the eye...and your children are beautiful! You are truly blesed!