Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh the holidays....

As you can tell the holidays really get in the way of blogging. I so admire my friends that are able to post something nearly everyday. Wow...either they have really dirty houses and laundry to the ceiling or they are much better multi-taskers than I am. (Probably the later) I will try to do my best to keep updated through the holidays so that I am not posting a whole photo album come January.

We have been busy with holidays parties, traveling and getting ready for Santa Claus to come. We are so excited to get to spend xmas with my family and my nieces this year who are moving back home!!! I am sure I will have plenty of pictures of them after our trip. Until then we have lots to finish up around here.

As a photographer the last thing you seem to do is have your own families pictures taken (with you in them!). I needed to get a family picture made this year for my grandmother for xmas so we decided to take some pictures and hopefully have a good one to put on the xmas cards. Thanks to my awesome neighbor Allison we accomplished our first good family picture since the kids were born! I will wait a few more days to reveal the ones that we used for our actual cards, so that family can get theirs in the mail, but wanted to post a few on here today.

LOVE this of my boys!!!


aWare said...

Loved the card and so glad things are calm at your calmness here! Loved All is BRIGHT! Love the pics...great job! Talk soon!

Martha Carolyn said...

Those pictures are so good!

Barbara Manatee said...

beautiful family photos!! I am hoping we can get one this winter but am dreading the task of getting 2 adults, 2 three year olds and an almost-1 year old!!

Jody and Janell said...

AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL!!! Melissa, you look AMAZING!!! So proud of you. I am still working on it... slowly but surely!!

Happy Holidays, girlfriend. Your family is beautiful.

Big hugs,