Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Things to Never Forget...

As most of you know, I originally used this blog to journal the raising of my kids since I am a terrible at physically journaling and knew I would never get around to baby books. So occasionally I will be posting things the kids say or do that I just happened to over hear or see. Luckily for you all these are becoming all to numerous occurrences with Miss Elliot.

For example, this morning we were getting ready for school this morning and I was brushing Keaton's crazy hair. E tells me the following: "Momma, be careful brushing Teton's hair. He is grouchy and may try to fight you."

This afternoon I was upstairs picking up and the kids were down when I hear E tell K "Teton, you better put your underwear on before daddy gets home and spanks you with the hammer!"

Now, I will say we have never spanked our kids with an object more or less a hammer! Things that these kids say sometimes!


Info said...

hahaha your kids crack me up! I love having them in our class!

Hudson Family said...

Ha ha , well did he put his underwear on or did Ryan have to use a hammer to remind him?!

cat said...

Oh they do say crazy things - I think it is the imagination just running wild!

Great picture. Another "Hallo Kitty" fan.