Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Should Win An Award

...for worst blogger ever!  I know I am horrible and I just can't seem to keep my head above water these days.  I am about to head out of town and leave the kids for the first time with Ryan over night.  I am excited about some much needed girl time and more importantly some serious QT with my Savior!  I know Ryan will do great and have a blast with the kids.  (Yes, I will post next week how it really happened but my hopes are high going into it!)  

I have so much to blog about:  parades, Friday night circle, MDO, my new friends in Gainesville (hang in there girls, more helpful hints coming soon I promise...welcome aboard!), bible study, books and more poop stories than I can know those will be good!   I hope to begin updating again next week on a more consistent basis and you know I will have photos to share!  

October is crazy for our family so I should have plenty of blogging material for your reading enjoyment.  So until then, have a great weekend and be thankful you are not heading to STL smack dab in the middle of the VP debate as I am!  (I hate politics btw!)  Until then, enjoy these latest pics and enjoy your weekend!

Yep, my skinny kids can still fit in their Bumbos and love to sit in them and watch George!

Geesh, get that boy a haircut already!
What happens when you skip your afternoon nap!
The girl is obsessed with her some "cold coke" as she calls it! much better.  Who's your barber?


cat said...

Love, love that first picture - it is just adorable.

Heath and Gretchen said...

Hey there! I’m a part of the twins club in Gainesville! One of the Moms referenced your blog in our monthly newsletter so I was able to check it out! First, your twins are adorable! And second, I love your pictures! I’ve taken an interest in photography as well and was wondering what program(s) you use to edit your pictures?

Barbara Manatee said...

so cute!! Miss E's hair is sooo long and so cute!

Jody and Janell said...

Your babies are PRECIOUS!! Can I still call them babies??!?!?
Ugh! They are about to be TWO! What happened to the time?

It seems to be more challenging to find the time to blog. I get that.

Have a FABULOUS weekend. Isn't it nice that you know feel (sorta) that you can get away? It's strangely odd.


Whitney said...

Adorable pictures! My chubby child has almost outgrown his at 7 months.

* TONYA * said...

Stinkin' cute pictures.

You aren't a terrible blogger. I know how it feels. I've got posts up the wazoo too and am going for days between posts at the moment. It's 'that' time of the year.

Have a great time away.