Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We've been... my parent's to see the cousins (and these were the only pictures I got!)

and a sweet little hometown festival.

EE awaiting her 1st merry-go-round ride.

KG getting impatient!

EE spending her down time practicing her new skill of rolling her tongue.

Bubba...stop pointing at the carneys!

Ryan and Todd chose to ride a ride....classic I know!

...and see our new buddy Evan!

and crawl threw the doggie door!

Fall must be coming...its coming back (the snot that is)!

Their neighbors had a bounce house...which KG escaped to to play with his cars!
Until EE invaded his space and pushed them all down the slide!
Boy, does she look innocent or what?

And YES...we actually got a picture of them together!

So we've been out and about and hope to be settling down for a while now. Thanks for checking back and knowing that one day I will start blogging steadily again...hopefully!  And thanks for all the notes of support on the new website!  I value my blog faithfuls opinions and thank you for your words of kindness. something about this rain!  Gustav go away already!!!  


TDavis said...

Hey Mel! Your photography biz looks awesome...great pics! Are y'all in Fayetteville? I can't remember. We are going to the UA/Ark game in a couple of weeks and would love to see you guys while we're there.

Jody and Janell said...

Everything you said, I could relate to....especially the SNOT! It started on Tuesday! Snot snot go away!

Melissa, aren't they growing up just way too fast? I hate that part. Yours are six months ahead of mine and yours look so big. I can't handle knowing that mine will be that big in just six SHORT months. BTW... they are absolutely beautiful. Wish we lived closer.


abc said...

Good to hear from you again; I'm ready for the regular posts. But understand how busy you are. Your website is beautiful and I'm so glad to see you are doing well at living out your passion!

And, get on facebook, already. It's made for us social butterflies; you'd love it!

* TONYA * said...

that is 'all' you got????

WOW. I'd love to comment on each and every one of those beautiful shots but I'd be here all day.


Ashlee said...

You take the most amazing moments! Since we can't seem to get down the road to see you, I feel like I am staying on top of them and all the excitment of their early years!