Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blog With No Name

I was trying to figure out the perfect way to update you all on what all has happened this past weekend but all that kept coming to mind was one-liner blog titles.  So, without boring you with all the gory details, here are some snippets for you to draw your own conclusions...plus, I am so tired I don't have the brain energy to compose an eloquent blog entry for you.
  • So that was the inspiration for the Exorcist.
  • Everyone wants momma!
  • Who ordered the #3?
  • There can't be anything left in these kids; oh wait!
  • Flashbacks of Halloween.
  • Oh no, I can't get sick too.
  • I actually hate the smell of bleach right now!
  • Can our washer handle this much laundry in 48 hours?
  • Thank God its the weekend & Ryan's home!
  • Hello ER, its me...Keaton (again)!
  • Please, not an IV!
  • All I wanted was some fenegren!
  • Oh, so that is what it feels like to be thrown up on.
  • Oh, so that is what it feels like to be thrown up on by him too!
  • I actually can handle #3 if this puking would just stop!
  • Should I have breastfed them until they were 2?
  • Where is all this illness coming from?
  • Why does it have to be gorgeous outside?
  • Oooooo...that smell!
  • Can I be more tired?
  • Can we go to the beach already?!
  • Thank goodness for good friends & Mexican Chicken soup!
  • We should own stock in Gatorade.


Barron Triplets said...

I totally feel your pain. Praying for a speedy recovery from the yuckiness!

Janell said...

I am SO SORRY!!!!!
I know what that is like and it is insane! Somedays I feel like I am you when I just want to say, "I can't make this stuff up!" It's impossible to make up!
I hope everyone is on the mend!

Barbara Manatee said...

I've actually been wondering about you all week - no updates and all those tornadoes in AK - hope that didn't affect you, too! Sorry to hear about everyone being sick again - what luck! hope everyone gets better soon!

Laura said...

I'm sorry everyone is so sick!!

What is #3??? That is the part I'm curious about....

BoufMom9 said...

OH! How terrible!
There is definitely something going around AGAIN! UGH!
You are the fourth blog I have read today dealing with THIS HORROR! UGH!
Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Leslie said...

WHAT IS THE #3 part???????