Monday, April 7, 2008


Wonder why I haven't blogged....try not one single night of sleep in three weeks until last night!  
Yes, our children are having some bouts of insomnia where they are enjoying waking up every hour and screaming as if they were losing a limb.  Keaton does have an ear infection and I guess Elliot's is either sympathising screaming or her molars are still trying to come in.  Poor kids both have diaper rash from the antibiotics and teething so that is not helping them sleep soundly either.  

Sad to say, Ryan & I had hit that point like when you have newborns where you are so tired, you don't realize you are tired anymore.  So to have an actual full night of sleep again last night was a shock to the system. 

So we are back home and trying to get back to normal.  Being away down south for so long through the kids off their schedule and coming home has taken some adjusting on our part. Fortunately today was beautiful so we walked to the city park and played for a couple of hours at their toddler playground.  The kids LOVED it and of course, loved the sand.  I think I am still feeling the grit in between my toes.  That coupled with the smell of sunscreen made me more than ready for the beach in a few short months!

Here are some more pics from Easter.  Lots going on but hope to be back with my faithful blog followers now.  Sorry for disappointing these past few weeks.  Keep hangin' with me!

Waiting for the egg hunt...
All fun & games until the kids realized some of the eggs had chocolate in them!

Look at those dirty mouths!

See...I told of the most beautiful nieces in the world!  This was just capturing her being casual too...unbelieveable!

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Kim said...

Beautiful pics - as usual! Jacob has started waking up again at night too. If you figure out a secret to better sleep - please pass it on!!! I hear you on lask of sleep... it stinks!!! :)