Monday, February 11, 2008

So Much To Catch Up On!

Wow. A week can go by faster than you think. I didn't realize my last post was over a week ago. Sorry faithful blog readers!

I posted some random pics from the past few days. We had a first real family dinner on Friday night. No, it is obviously not the first time we have taken our kids out but it was the first time we went out to eat just the four of us! We are always out with friends or family and rarely are out without company...which we love...but Friday, it was fun to just have our little family out for a bite to eat. (And yes, that is an actual poneytail...our 1st!)
I had to post this pic for my brother since he can't get this out in CA. And since our family is sweet tea & coffee connoiseurs, you can see my kids were born right into their beverage heritage!

Saturday I got to enjoy breakfast out with the girlfriends. There is nothing better than good coffee, good pancakes and good girl talk! We have to keep this up, although we will be in need of a good night out soon too! I then came home and we had a fun day at home as a family. We took the kids to the neighborhood park and they loved it. I have a feeling that we will end up there for the majority of the spring/summer of '08.

Sunday was the photography conference in Tulsa. The conference wasn't near as good as the conversation there and back with my neighbor, friend & photo mentor Allison! She is a wealth of information for me and becoming such a huge support system. Thanks for inviting me and letting me tag along with you Al!

I have to admit, I wasn't as lost as I thought I would be at the conference. (I guess that is a good sign!) I did have that first day of school, first day on a new job feeling. You know, the one where you feel like everyone in the room knows you are new and have no idea what you are doing. Luckily, we made the decision not to take in our cameras (which most people didn't) but those who did were sure to cause some lens inferiority complex(LIC)! I guess for them, size does matter! (Yes, you can and probably are invisioning them correctly. That same 'ol yearbook photographer we all had with the creepy, 20 year old mustache and bad breath. He was there with his sizeable lens!)

I quickly realized what I like and what I don't. I will never be a studio, glamour shot, manufactured lighting kind of photographer. Sure they can get some amazing shots, but wouldn't you rather have what is real and what you see everyday. Don't you want to see your kids cute freakles and that cute little mole above her lip instead of looking like a porcline doll? I also realized that I love kids photography and at the same time, cool unique photography that really captures a story. I would also kill to go back to Florence right now with my camera in hand and take pictures til I can't see straight. Travel & photography...I think I have found my heaven.

With that said, there will much more to come on this front. I am praying diligently for direction as I have this stirring I cannot shake.

Until then, and not to be Debbie Downer, we will be home...sick! We finally went to see Dr. Cadle today and found out the Miss El has a left ear infection and Mr. K has a right ear infection. No wonder we have had three nights with little sleep! Luckily with the confirmation of infection comes antibiotics! We dosed up during our bathtime and are looking for a peaceful night. God is so good because He has a steady rain and ever so faint thunder just outside my window. I have downed two Benedryl for my symptoms and it is about time to carefully study the back of my eyelids.

I almost forgot. Elliot found a new love.
Look at her looking into his eyes so lovingly.
This was just one of MANY kisses that followed...
So who was she so admiring???

Yep, like Father like Daughter! (Luckily tonight she switched from Ronnie to Jesus!)


Anonymous said...

Keep the great photos coming!!! My little Maise has that (much smaller) inspi(red) tshirt, too:)

bethany halford said...

love that ponytail! and love that elliot has a crush on Ronald Regan.

Barron Triplets said...

Yeah for McAlister's sweet tea! I also got the same camera you got last week and absolutely love it. I showed my husband your pics and that's what finally sold him!

Amy Mc. said...

Love that Elliot likes Ronnie so much. That is great. Soon after Layton was born, I got a package in the mail from the Reagan library and it was a Reagan onsie Wes had ordered.
So do you want to come on our vacations this summer and take our pictures for us?

Whitney said...

Your pictures are just getting better and better- you go girl! Sorry to hear about the ear infections- hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

Leslie said...

LOVE the ponytail! How cute is she?!? And what a bummer about the ear infections. I hope it is already much better. Aren't you ready for this time of year to be over!!