Monday, January 28, 2008

15 months old ALREADY?

Well, I am a few days behind on this post but my two precious ones turned 15 months old last weekend. With each passing month, the time just seems to fly faster and faster. And then today, I get a call about IVF and it just took me back to two years ago when we were about to start our IVF process. Where has the time gone and how can I slow it down?

Since I can't control the sun or moon or the tides, I will just have to try to live everyday as my most precious day I get to spend with two of the loves of my life. How lucky can one girl get?

So, done with the sappy thought for today. Let's get on with the 15 month milestones already!

Miss Elliot:

  • Spunkier than ever!

  • Loves to "talk" non-stop. We say we're screwed when she starts putting words together and we are done using words like "screwed" too!

  • Loves grilled cheese, coke, M&Ms, grapes, bananas chicken and pretty much anything her momma is eating. And like her momma, she has a sick addiction for cheese dip!

  • Got her 1st scraped knees yesterday...

  • Loves to tell anyone and everyone hi & bye bye.

  • Hates wearing shoes & socks!

  • Loves her purse, blankies & sippy cups to chew one while teething.

  • Teeth Count=4 1/2 (Seriously...we are NEVER going to get all our teeth!)

  • Loves Mickey's Clubhouse and Super Why.

  • Would stay outside all day if she could...bring on spring!

  • Is a Momma's girl!


  • Loves to ask "What's that?" & "Who's that?".

  • Loves grapes, blueberries, cinnamon toast, waffles, blue gatorade & sweet tea.

  • Loves to give hugs.

  • Hates having his nose wiped!

  • Favorite game is being chased by his Papa G down their hallway.

  • Teeth Count= 4 1/2 too!

  • Loves Mickey's Clubhouse & Super Why but will also watch Food Network with Momma late at night.

  • Loves to run and stick out his tongue at people.

  • Pretty attached to his blankets but super attached to his daddy right now.

  • Would stay in the bathttub all night if we would let him.

  • Starting to like his sis more...not seeing so many signs of the longing to be the only child anymore!

We go to the Dr. this week for shots and checkups so I will be sure to post pics and updated weigh ins. I can't believe it has been over a month since we have been to the Dr! What a difference a year makes!

I also got to watch Cayden & Payton last week. 4UNDER3...I don't know how you do it woman! You are amazing! An hour wasn't bad but all day everyday, I can't imagine. The kids played great together as you can see and since mine wanted to do what Cayden did, I got to love on Payton all myself. For now, two is just fine with me!


TDavis said...

I can relate on the teeth thing. Clayton finally has 12 total but it took forever and he is missing the ones between his 2 year molars and canines. Is that normal?! His first dentist appt. is coming up so we'll find out I guess!

Whitney said...

I can only imagine how fast time flies when you have children- it seems like just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant, and now he's almost here! I can't wait to start posting fun facts about Austin like you did in this post!